{chicken pot pie}

2 Sep

{at the table later that night}

Although temperatures pushed 90-degrees this weekend, I decided to make something warm and hearty for Sunday dinner to offer my boyfriend something familiar while he got over a summer cold (which are always more terrible than winter ones). The process was a bit tricky compared to the usual simple dishes I make, but in the end it was well worth it and I’m proud to say that I’ll definitely make pot pies again when the weather gets cooler. In order to make the preparation a bit easier on myself, I decided to use a combination of the chicken pot pie recipes by Tyler Florence and Ina Garten (the former required breaking down a full chicken and simmering for 45 minutes: no, and the latter making pastry dough from scratch: no. By combining both recipes, I cut out the hard work and streamlined the process for a result that was gooey, comforting and every bit as flaky as I remembered from childhood.

{olive oil, salt, pepper, and a bit of Parmesan on top}


Office Project

1 Sep

I’ve got a little office project going on. No, I’m not writing a press release for a client or working on a pitch to win a new deal as I do at work– I’m redoing our office space. As is, our office is a bland and slightly gross combination of old furniture, litter boxes, white walls, and an algae-ridden fish tank. I’m very much the type of person who has a hard time in my outside world if my home base is cluttered/messy, and right now clearing papers, magazine clippings and notebooks off the kitchen table every night is getting a bit old. I think the most inspirational place to dream up new blog ideas, craft projects and is an area with clean lines, lots of organization, and a pop of color. And apparently, the most inspirational place to dream up this inspirational space is the bathroom sink, as this came to me whilst brushing my teeth. Here is my vision of a perfect mint-colored office space (maybe it was the the toothpaste creeping into my subconscious) filled with gold and yellow details, crisp white lines, and best of all, streamlined organization.

All Stitched Up

31 Aug

It’s obvious that I have healthy collection of shoes in my closet. However, chunky-heeled cognac clogs, studded pumps and bright green espadrilles aren’t exactly work-appropriate.¬† Nearly all of my work-appropriate shoes were bought in moments of desperation for something neutral, but all seem a bit ho-hum in comparison to the colorful ones I own. I decided to shop for something with subtle embellishments that make for a work-appropriate (but not boring) aesthetic. These Colin Stuart pumps with stitched detailing and modern boxy shape will hide my bright blue toenail polish without looking the least bit dull.

viva la weekend

30 Aug

{Gerber daisies from a plant I was sure had died long ago}

I’ve been admittedly hibernating¬† a bit on the weekends. My PR firm is fast-paced, exciting, demanding, and everything wonderful I could ask for in a career aside from calm– but that’s what home is for anyways. This weekend was for cooking, BBQ outside with family, new-baby holding (my boyfriend’s new niece Lilyana), rearranging my small space, napping under the light of lavender candles, and a bit of online shopping. Weekends like this get me thoroughly ready for the week ahead, and give me a chance to delight my inner homebody.

{The Dude and Hank: afternoon catnaps}

{flea market finds perfect for the deck}

{dirty martinis on Sunday}

{bike rescued from the dust of the garage for anytime riding}

Recipe for your Weekend: Scalloped Tomatoes

27 Aug

Can a single vegetable be your favorite food? I’m such a foodie that I can’t really put my finger on a single favorite dish– but I do know that it for me it requires the presence of tomato, especially since I started growing my own a couple of months ago. When it was frosty and cold out, I stumbled across this recipe for scalloped tomatoes: a variation on a popular dish traditionally made with potatoes I’ve been wanting to try for when tomatoes came into season. The last time I remember eating scalloped potatoes was out of a box– so the fresh ingredients in this tomato dish proved to create a far superior casserole-type meal. The best part was that it was incredibly easy; all it requires it sauteing some day-old bread cubes , tossing the tomatoes with basil and other flavors and then baking it to create a crumbly Parmesan layer on top.

Fall Wishlist

26 Aug

It’s fairly obvious that my favorite season is quickly approaching (as mentioned in nearly every one of my posts last week). I’m totally in love with what designers have put out there for the season: army wear, menswear, autumn browns and chunky knits. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite affordable pieces for fall to keep in mind come September.