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Office Project

1 Sep

I’ve got a little office project going on. No, I’m not writing a press release for a client or working on a pitch to win a new deal as I do at work– I’m redoing our office space. As is, our office is a bland and slightly gross combination of old furniture, litter boxes, white walls, and an algae-ridden fish tank. I’m very much the type of person who has a hard time in my outside world if my home base is cluttered/messy, and right now clearing papers, magazine clippings and notebooks off the kitchen table every night is getting a bit old. I think the most inspirational place to dream up new blog ideas, craft projects and is an area with clean lines, lots of organization, and a pop of color. And apparently, the most inspirational place to dream up this inspirational space is the bathroom sink, as this came to me whilst brushing my teeth. Here is my vision of a perfect mint-colored office space (maybe it was the the toothpaste creeping into my subconscious) filled with gold and yellow details, crisp white lines, and best of all, streamlined organization.