Simple Strapless

19 Aug

I have a strange relationship with strapless  tube dresses : I didn’t get very into them circa  2001 (especially when most of them were made out of the same material as my towel) but quickly realized how comfortable one in the right material can be when worn to outdoor concerts, barbecues, and lazy days around the house.  I quickly fell in love with this Strolling Strapless dress from Forever 21 and snatched it up to wear to The Mile High Music Fest this past weekend. The striped fabric up top adds a pop of color, and the weighted material below keeps it elegant (notice it’s not terrycloth…).  Although I wore it with gladiator sandals and a hat I bought at the fest to keep the sun off my head, I’m now envisioning it with thick-rimmed glasses and riding boots for autumn days.


One Response to “Simple Strapless”

  1. Jenna Knowles August 19, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    That is really cute! I need a nice summer hat that will block the sun and is still be styleish. Any ideas?

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