Meet Hank

9 Aug

I’m rarely impulsive when it comes to major life decisions; I have my mom’s habit of overanalyzing and trying to control every situation. I was so happy to bring home our first kitten, The Dude (if you’re puzzled by his name,do yourself a favor and see The Big Lebowski…) and lately I’d been thinking how nice it’d be if he had a little friend for when I go back to work. When I heard that my local animal shelter was doing free cat and kitten adoptions for the summer, I jumped on the chance. Although I really want to adopt an older cat one day, I knew a kitten would adjust better to another kitten– and despite the hoards of people waiting in line for one of six kittens at the shelter, I managed to work the system (I may have embellished Mike and I’s marital status to avoid filling out new paperwork) and am now owner to little Hank. He does all of the crazy cute kitten things you’d expect– from meowing about the house looking for someone to hold him to climbing for things far beyond his reach. I was worried that The Dude and Hankie might not get along (they’d been hissing and growling all morning) until I walked into the living room and saw them sleeping together like long lost kitten brothers.


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