Dream Bedroom

28 Jul

I’m at least satisfied with the way the rooms of my house are coming together with one exception: Our bedroom. Not one picture hangs on the barren, white walls, my necklaces lie in a tangled heap on my dresser, and our mattress and box spring sit on the floor. The matching sheet set is about the only thing that saves it from college dorm status. Thus, I decided that investing in a relaxing bedroom sets a great tone for the other areas of your life, and redecorating mine is now at the top of my to-do list. Since I don’t have the best design sense, I decided to make a mood board to collect ideas. I started by thinking of places that relaxed me and captured my bohemian sense of style with my boyfriend’s more refined, modern taste. From here, I just added pieces to the collage that gave me a sense of relaxation: natural elements like blown glass give a beachy vibe, while slate grays and mid-century modern pieces remind me of my cherished visit to New York City. I used black to pick up on colors we already have in the room ( and to save some $$ from not having to buy new pieces in another color) and blue and gray to create a cool, calm aesthetic. Either way, I am desperately needing this bedroom to materialize now for a much needed day nap.


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