Studded Slingbacks

20 Jul

Sometimes taking your own advice can be the hardest, and that’s definitely true when it comes to buying anything shoe-related. A few months back, I looked at my wardrobe in total panic and realized that the majority of everything in my  closet was $20 or less, on sale. While sales are just about the only way I can afford items from my favorite designers, I vowed not to let the majority of my wardrobe picks be ruled by the number on the price tag, but be chosen instead by my love the of the garment and it’s workability within the rest of my wardrobe. While I hardly need another studded thing in my wardrobe, I think I will definitely have to make an exception for these Peep Toe Bootie Slingbacks from Forever 21. These are the perfect slingbacks to add some edge to the chunky scarves and crimson trench in my fall wardrobe– and once the cooler months set in (they seem like years away in this heat!) I can wear some footed tights underneath to disguise them as booties of the non-peep variety.


One Response to “Studded Slingbacks”

  1. Kori July 31, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

    non-peep variety :). I’m enjoying catching up on your blog, since I’ve been internet-less for so long.

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