If I Were a Boy…

16 Jul

After reading up on my Fall 2010 runway looks, it seems that menswear is still lingering in the collections that will inspire fashion well into 2011. This is a trend that I am happily embracing more and more each day. I’m happy to have purchased the white brogues from Aldo I featured (although I paid full price at the time) and am always dreaming up new outfit ideas for them. I fondly call them my “grandpa shoes”, and I can’t wait to pair them with fluffy scarves and a trench come fall.

I love that certain looks ( favorites being menswear, studs, and sequins) have stuck around for multiple seasons– a true testament to the state of the economy, where even fashion-lovers are carrying pieces through several seasons. The rise in menswear-inspired pieces is especially reflective of  current garment-buying mentality: when we think of the buying habits of our male counterparts, their purchases tend to be less frequent and more about utility. (Alas, my boyfriend was a bit skeptical about my pink skinny jeans purchase).

Here are my picks for the tomboy in all of us (in all of their sleek, briefcase-inspired, utilitarian glory).

{Clockwise from the Top}


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