In My Purse

14 Jul

There are few things that tell more about a girl’s day than the baubles she carries around in her purse. I thought I’d share the contents of my emptied purse– something I organize, trash, and then re-organize on what seems like a constant basis. This week I’m back from a road trip to Santa Fe, and feeling inspired by all of the beautiful turquoise I saw, I decided to promptly pull out this lovely vintage handbag I scored at a secondhand store last summer.

  1. Keys: I’ve finally managed to get the number of keys in my collection down to a more manageable number after moving to a gym-less, pool-less and mailbox-less home.
  2. Mint-Green Vintage Quilted Handbag: Until a Chanel quilted one is affordable to me (maybe never?) I will proudly cherish this adorable look-alike.
  3. Fossil Wallet: My sister and I both received these as a Christmas gift. Since I am considered the more bohemian of both of us (my sister’s is more of a Victorian-inspired black & white version) I usually get more earthy gifts– which is always fun! Since I obviously tend to stuff it full of receipts, lists, and little notes to myself, it’s the only wallet of my many that’s seemed to work the best for my lifestyle.
  4. Sunglasses: Yes, three pairs. Since all in my collection are $10 and under, I have a lot of breaks/loss/change of heart when it comes to sunnies. I am still hoping to add these to my collection, a change I think will inspire a shift to just one pair in my purse.
  5. Wooden Pocket Mirror: A fun little birthday gift from my girlfriend, this mirror has saved me some major anxiety from wondering if my teeth/makeup on face are clean before job interviews.
  6. Cotton-Candy Lip Gloss: Yum!
  7. Stain Remover: I’m pretty really clumsy when it comes to spilling coffee/sauce/who knows what on my beloved wardrobe. The chance that I’ll spill something directly correlates with the whiteness of the garment I’m wearing at the time. Hence, I got a few of these stain remover sticks in my stocking for Christmas (thanks boyfriend).
  8. Sharpie Pens: These are my all-time favorite pens. Any pen that promotes your best-looking handwriting is one to stick with in my book.
  9. Sonia Kashuk Mini Makeup-Brush Kit: I’ve honestly yet to use this, but as the days get hotter, I’m sure to need an on-the-go makeup touch-up that this cute little brush can take care of.
  10. Smart Phone: Although everyone warned me of the dangers of being “too connected” by having a smart phone, I couldn’t be happier with mine. Maybe things will change if I ever sync my work email, but I enjoy being able to check out fashion blogs while grabbing a coffee and Tweeting to my heart’s content.
  11. Coach Reading Glasses: I’m not sure why I carry these around because my astigmatism is helped much more by contacts. But on the days where I just can’t deal with the contacts, these are nice for the all-important magazine read or a barrier between my glaring computer screen.

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