Silky Blues

9 Jul

When it comes to dressing for for a night on the town, my out-to-dinner attire is just as random as my day-to-day wear. I usually opt for heels due to my short stature,  but for a breezy, casual night out for seafood I decided that studded heels, a headband braid and a little red lipstick would subdue a dramatic dress. You may recall this lovely find from last month; a silky, light dress that I was worried may be  a little more winter glam than summery. Luckily, I was way off and have already dreamt up a list outfits I can use this with this year-round: from tucking into skinny jeans or high-waisted skirts for a colorful top, to pairing with charcoal tights and neon heels for a dramatic fall look.

{Dress: Lulu' (also seen here) clutch: Marc Jacobs' Daisy/Sandals: Steve Madden (also seen here)/
Lipstick: "Coral Crush by Maybelline}

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