2 Jul

{stick-able wall art: a nod to my favorite city every time I’m in the bathroom}

Although some boxes and bubble-wrapped dishes have yet to find a place in our new house, I am surprised at how quickly this place already feels like home. From grilling on the back porch to long walks and cruiser bike rides in nearby Washington Park, we’re already starting to create some great summer memories in Denver. I’ve had lots of time to myself to make some tweaks and add newly-purchased small details–and simply relax. After a small girl’s night get-together last night, the long weekend promises even more fun memories– from a friends’ wedding,  to our own anniversary, this 4th of July is exactly what I need to get me through a rough patch.

{putty-grey nails to wear with punchy summer colors}

{a little DIY project perfect for tucking away the growing Wii accessory collection}

{personalizing the kitchen with my boyfriend and I’s shared last initial via  an Anthropologie sale}


One Response to “Additions”

  1. Jenna July 2, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Cute things!

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