Waistcoat is for Vest

4 Jun

After perusing some celeb fashion for my daily dose of celeb style on People.com; I decided I am now officially in love with the idea of wearing a vest as a tank for these warm summer months.  I decided that there was likely no better place to visit for some vest ideas than UK-based Topshop.com. Despite walking nearly all over Manhattan during my trip to NYC last summer, I am both amazed and disappointed that I never stumbled across the actual store. Alas, I will have to settle for the online shop until my next trip this October. After searching “vest” for nearly 15 minutes and only coming up with some flowy tanks– I decided to check under jackets; smiling as I remembered that in the UK, a vest is called a”waistcoat”. I was delighted to discover this  Biker Waterfall Waistcoat— one that I think would be just perfect for wearing as a tank (or a “vest” if you’re British).  The smallzippers make it perfect for pairing with my chunky metal necklaces to add more rough edge, but the light fabric will still keep me cool on the warmest of summer days.


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