The Strange, But True

2 Jun

Do you ever feel like more strange things happen to you than others? I know it’s all in my head, but sometimes I swear that life throws some of the strangest things at me. While I know much of this is due to my quirks, I was reminded just how strange life can be sometimes when we found out this weekend that my new kitten (formerly Suzie Q) is actually a boy (now The Dude).

-The middle finger on my right hand turns white when I am cold. I am pretty sure it’s dead.

-I used to wear one contact due to having astigmatism in only one of my eyes. One lens of my reading glasses is much more magnified than the other.

– I once had a seizure when I was little because my temperature was too high. I’ve never had one again.

-I can’t stand drinking milk (I will literally gag) yet I need it to complete both my oatmeal and cereal in the morning.

-While most normal toes gradually get smaller as they go from the big toe to the pinky, I have my big toe, two same- sized smaller toes and then two even smaller same-sized toes on both feet.

-I once got so sick that I lost my voice, and it never quite came back the same– so now I have a bit of a scratchy tone whenever I speak.

-A couple of weeks ago at the hair salon, I was just getting some highlights when my hair turned pink. My hairstylist had to cancel her next appointment because she spent the next two hours fixing it– the whole while telling me how she’d never seen this happen before

Do you sometimes have a cloud of strangeness hanging over you?

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One Response to “The Strange, But True”

  1. Jenna June 2, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    Something a little strange happened to me this week. It is bit like the story of Suzie/The Dude. I went into the doctor, you know a normal check up. I had been feeling weird all week long. So my doctor ran some tests and said he would call me with the results. Well, the doctor called this morning…turns out I am a boy too!

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