Sparkley Stripes

26 May

My roommate came home from a trip to J. Crew yesterday only carrying the Summer catalog she picked up in-store— an extremely disciplined feat since her and I are both equally obsessed with the store. It turns out that she actually ordered some floral belts for bridesmaids, and after paging through the summer clothing quickly to show me the specific item, I had to steal it away for a glimpse of the new line myself. It turns out I found a new must-have: This sequin boatneck. Lately I’ve been pairing nautical elements like stripes with tangled, heavy metal necklaces, but this tee does all the work for me to create a perfect mix of clean lines and fun sparkle.

Since payday is still about a week away, I’m trying to bribe my boyfriend into buying it for me in exchange for back rubs– with no such luck thus far. Alas sparkle boatneck, you must wait until next week.


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    […] probably shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes, but I love this trend too much to care. I bought this glittery boatneck tee at J Crew last month and it’s taken some discipline to not go back and […]

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