Check off the list:Dream Tunic

24 May

I make impulse purchases just as much as the next gal (maybe slightly more…) which may explain why I have a closet FULL of clothes that create very few cohesive outfits. I’ve recently begun to make lists of the things that will tie my wardrobe together and give me more direction when I’m at my favorite stores.

  • Wardrobe Fact:  I’ve got a slew of bright, sparkly bottoms which includes  this sequined skirt, these pink skinnies
  • Wardrobe Problem: I’ve also got a slew of bright, sparkly, and patterned tops that when worn with the above make me look like a mis-matched cupcake
  • Collect soft, neutral ethereal tops that balance punchy jeans and sparkly skirts.

The search lasted until yesterday, when I stopped by Anthropologie after a Saturday farmer’s market trip.I’d been eying this blouse online and trying to find less expensive options that were both as flowy and modern-looking. However, I couldn’t find any ANYWHERE that looked as contemporary (the pocket says it all) and non-Woodstock as the Anthropologie Alabaster Boundaries . I tried this silky-smooth top on an instantly fell in love.

The best part? I’ve literally added about 10 more outfits paired with this blouse to my mental list.

Note:  The reviews about this blouse are true: it does run a bit big. I was expected to snag a medium because I wanted it to be flowy, and walked out with an XS. Size down!


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