What She Wore

19 May

Although many of my favorite fashion bloggers have instigated must-haves for my wardobe— I can always leave it to Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore to inspire and  delight me. Let me start out by very candidly stating that Jessica has the kind of lifestyle I long for– Brooklyn gal who works in Manhattan on various fashion collaborations that spell out FREE  clothing from designers like Coach and retailers like Ann Taylor Loft.

Although she’s been generously gifted certain items, she is very careful to emphasize a knack for shopping on a budget.I always look forward to reading Jessica’s  very detailed descriptions of how and why she thought of a particular outfit combination for each post.

After spotting Jessica wear this drawstring waist cargo jacket from Ann Taylor Loft, I was hooked. I promptly went out and bought one for myself. Although I’m a bit shorter than Jessica (11″ shorter actually…) I don’t mind the longer fit. It’s military-esque construction has helped me to dress down a couple of outfits that to be more appropriate for birthdays and baby showers.

I can’t wait to see what else She wears it with….


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