Workin’ Gal

5 Apr

{Clockwise from the left}

House-sitting 40 minutes from my apartment definitely makes starting the first day of my first big-girl job a  little nerve-racking, because I’m stuck with what I have in my suitcase and don’t get to do the natural obsessing over outfits that is a girl’s right in life. I decided that this wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly, so I dashed up to my apartment and him-hawed over some outfit options for my new marketing firm position.

I pulled a white tank, grey trousers, light brown striped cardi and these light brown strappy sandals in a hurry to get back on the highway before rush hour.  Alas, I got back to my stay-cation home only to realize a huge stain had manifested on my white tank.  My only hope now is that I can somehow drape the cardigan in a manner that hides the stain– and in the meantime fantasize about some new power work wear that will hopefully grace my closet in the near future as I start my new career.


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