The Wedding Planner

24 Mar

Although I consider myself a little bridal-phobic and am not ready to take that walk down the aisle any time soon, my room mates’ recent engagement has me thinking wedding colors, white lace and blue hyacinth.  I can spend hours pouring over her bridal magazines, a good portion of my sentences start with “now I have an idea for your wedding…” before she can even get dressed for the day.

{The future Bride’s prospective dress}

{Prospective suit choices}

Who knew J.Crew had such a fabulous collection of wedding dresses? And many of them are super-affordable, and in their classic casual style. This breezy dress fits my room mate’s casual style and will look wonderful at her mountain-top September wedding.

After just ordering the same Nine West strappy sandals without one another’s knowledge, my roomie and I also apparently have similar wedding tastes as well.

{Bright, vibrant colors paired with washed-out gray}

{Images Courtesy The}

With all of our dead-on wedding style similarities, my only hope is that my future guests have one too many martinis and at her wedding…


2 Responses to “The Wedding Planner”

  1. Melissa March 24, 2010 at 12:16 pm #

    Loooove wedding planning! I’ve been planning my own wedding since age 12?!? Haha. Who cares who the groom is, as long as the rest of the details are perfect!

    • Amanda March 24, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

      I agree! I may make a notebook of ready-to-go ideas for whenever the big day comes.

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