Blackest at Twilitte

21 Mar

My interest in Stephanie Meyer’s popular book series faded after a couple chapters of bad writing and violations of basic vampire folklore (there are just rules to these kinds of things, just as there are basic rules to zombie plots and post-apocalypse survival plots ). However, my dedication (and online stalking) of these Steve Madden shoes by the same name did not disappoint.

{Just an idea floating around the internet until and chance-spotting at the mall made them mine}

{And yes, my shoes are allowed on the bed with us}


3 Responses to “Blackest at Twilitte”

  1. Kori March 21, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    MAJOR violations of vampire folklore! They DIE in the sunlight for chrissake! It’s almost like she thought she invented the vampire herself or something. Also, extreme violations of feminist ideals… that’s the kicker for me. Very lovely shoes, I think you need some sort of faux-leather handcuffs and whip to go with them. We can maybe go shopping for such items together soon.


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