Parisian Persuasion

12 Mar

{J’adore Friday afternoons}

After scribbling out “bold accessories”, “nude pumps” and “striped shirts” on a sticky note and throwing into it to the growing abyss of lists at the bottom of my handbag, I went on with my Thursday as usual. After an oil change and an unsuccessful trip to get my watch altered (I’ve got oddly skinny wrists), I decided to do some aspirational/inspirational browsing  in the bath decor aisle, which is dangerously close to the shoe aisle.

The danger of the Target shoe aisle lies in these two facts: I am  hopelessly obsessed with buying items in bright colors that never really create cohesion in my wardrobe, and the shoes are ridiculously affordable, warranting a decision to buy something that you know you may only wear twice. Another note: wearing bright colors and cheap materials and being 5′ 0” with genetically-given cherubic cheeks doesn’t exactly make you look 23 years old.

After scouring Internet sites for the perfect, round-toe nude pump, I only came up with a cream-colored pair from Nine West that I mulled over for a bit.

Until these $29.99 babies practically leapt out at me from the forbidden shoe section, and the only 5.5-sized ones (small wrists, small feet) practically whined for a place in my closet. This perfect color and heel height, voila! My answer to nude pumps came at an unexpectedly great price.

Then, I joined my newly-fianced roommate Emily for a trip to the mall, mostly for accompaniment on her part. However, Emily led me to discover the wonder that is Ann Taylor Loft. Full of pastels, florals, grays and corals, this store’s spring collection practically encompasses everything I love, but with a little more grown-up edge.

After a very satisfying first trip, I came away with this striped ruffle shirt and fun flower pin, which when paired with my new pumps and black skinnies created an unexpected, very French-inspired outfit combo that I wore to keep things interesting while working from home today, and will wear to dinner tonight with the boyfriend.


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