Shrimp Risotto

4 Mar

One of my favorite things to make is risotto; a creamy dish traditionally made with arborio rice and reduced stock.  Because it takes a bit of time to make rice soft, I cheat a little and use orzo pasta instead for a fast weeknight dinner.

Any good risotto requires a little toasting in both butter and olive oil. Then, I like to add some wine; whatever I have in the fridge or pantry. This night, I added some leftover champagne from Valentine’s Day. As long as you are getting that deep flavor that alcohol delivers to a dish, it doesn’t matter.

The part that needs the most babysitting is the slow addition of warmed chicken stock, which requires a bit of stirring and adding every 5 minutes or so until each addition is absorbed. The end result: a creamy, thick risotto.

Our protein of choice was shrimp, which we seasoned with pesto, red pepper flake, olive oil and salt + pepper.

Once everything is creamy, add another small amount of butter, a chopped fresh herb of your choice (dried rosemary is just as nice) and a handful of Parmesan, asiago or romano cheese.

Voila! I will be enjoying these leftovers well into the week.


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