14 Sep

Today I am 24, so I thought it would be befitting to post some old pics of a 23-year-old me in my old apartment. I love living in an old house in Denver and working in the heart of downtown in an old historic building, but a part of me misses this old apartment sometimes. I had more roomies then, and there was always someone to chat with in our big, light open space. My year of being 23 (and a redhead) brought me HUGE life lessons, my first job, my first unemployment experience, two kitties and lots of new shoes. In fact, I thought to myself the other day that I should slow down on the shoe buying a) for my pocketbook’s sake and b) because my closet does not grow exponentially per year as my shoe collection does. Tonight I’m going out for sushi at Sushi Den with lots of fabulous people, enjoying the beginning of fall, and my 20’s– because I know I will miss this time one day.


orange {iced} tea

13 Sep

Since I’ve never been a fan of milk, any kind of juice was my go-to beverage as a kid. As an adult, the only justification for consuming sugary fruit juice is if I can somehow combine it with caffeine as well. Iced tea is the perfect way to accomplish this while giving into a sweet tooth, and that’s why this Giada de Laurentiis recipe for sparkling orange iced tea was begging for a place in my fridge. The end result was cool, citrusy and refreshing and added just the right amount of pep to get some weekend chores done.

{the september} issue

9 Sep

Crazy work schedules have me coming home and collapsing on the couch in a heap…apparently I’ve got a strong shopping compulsion as a remedy… I cannot WAIT for these to arrive at my door.

{pink} holiday

8 Sep

The weather this weekend was perfect. Summary temps on Saturday and Sunday were perfect for hitting the farmer’s market, watching college football, and getting an early start to online birthday shopping (yes, I birthday shop for myself). I could wear breezy fabrics, bright colors and feel perfectly content. These Colin Stuart pink patent leather pumps were purchased for work wear, but I couldn’t resist pulling them out to pair with a favorite skirt. The gold heels create an even girly-er vibe– and although I used to detest skirts in high school, I must say the ladylike trend for fall has me seeing flouncy skirts, patent leather, tailoring and lipsticks in the most delicious berries, corals and lilacs.

Top: Victoria's Secret
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Colin Stuart
Ring and Earrings: ? Graduation Gift

{eggs} florentine

7 Sep

I’m often intimidated by egg dishes, as there are so many ways for the process to go wrong.  Since Mike and I usually eat breakfast at work at our respective offices, we decided that it was important to have a big, special Labor Day breakfast with this Eggs Florentine recipe and our favorite spicy Bloody Mary’s. Since egg poaching is definitely not my forte, I left that task for Michael while putting together the incredibly easy spinach cream sauce, prosciutto crumbles and tomato slices. It was the perfect weekend breakfast to accompany the weekend paper and chat about the college football.


3 Sep

Nothing quite adds the magic factor to an outfit like a statement necklace. You can literally dress up a jeans-and-tee outfit instantly, add a dramatic effect to cocktail attire, or add some edge to work wear. Although I’d gladly take every bib necklace in existence for my jewelry wardrobe, sometimes I find something too special not to share. This Netted Charm Necklace from Forever 21 is the perfect blend of edge and charm; from chiffon white roses to black and gold charms and accents.